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Website and Marketing Analytics


The right solutions at the right time for your business.

Google Analytics Set-up

Better understand how people arrive, behave and convert on your website. This includes installing Google Analytics and using Google Tag Manager to track key events and goals, e-commerce and much more.  

Reports, Dashboards & Visualisation

Reduce ongoing manual effort and free up time for interpretation and action. This includes set up of automated dashboards that integrate data from multiple sources for focused, efficient reporting.

Channel Attribution

Understand the incremental effect of your marketing channels and campaigns.  Which activity is working better?  Where could you re-allocate budget for better results?

Analysis, Insights & Strategy

Deep analysis and strategic insights help you make decisions on development priorities, better understand and predict your customer behaviours, plan your marketing strategies and improve customer experience.

Testing & Optimisation

Use easily accessible analytics and mar-tech platforms to deliver segmented, personalised user experiences and optimise your marketing budget.

Google Analytics Expert

Tap into the expertise of an advanced user of Google Analytics and GA360 to get the most out of this technology. Or up-skill your team with training in Google Analytics, GA360 and DataStudio.

You know that better data would improve your results, but...

Your team doesn’t have time?

You haven’t got the skills in-house?

You’re not sure where to start?

Your data is in silos?

You don’t trust your data?

If your team doesn’t include a digital analytics expert, I’m here to help.

Introducing Annie

My passion is using data to improve user experience and marketing results, though intelligence and activation.

As an experienced senior marketer and digital analytics consultant I use data and insights to improve your marketing strategy,  conversion and ROI.

More than just a data jockey, I ask ‘so what?’ of insights and offer strategic thought and recommendations.

I work with brands at all stages of digital analytics maturity – from those who are just getting started, through to more advanced teams looking for additional expertise to drive full value from their investments.

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