Dashboards and Visualisation

Set and forget your regular dashboards and visualisation – free up time for interpretation and action.

Reporting actual results versus expectations is an important first step to improving results, however reporting requirements can consume a lot of time.

Technology, integration and automation reduce wasted time.

Extract, integrate, report and highlight relevant metrics

Services include:

  • Measurement model creation to inform included metrics from multiple sources
  • Data extraction, integration and transformation
  • Preparation of one off reports
  • Creation of reports and dashboards for regular management or optimisation reporting
  • Dashboard creation in DataStudio, Tableau or other tools of your choice
  • Assessment of best reporting and visualisation technology for your purposes
  • Process definition and documentation
  • Training your team on report and dashboard creation and maintenance.

Sometimes a deep dive analysis and insights report is the best way to inform the most valuable metrics and segments to be tracking in your dashboards.