Google Analytics Expert

Are you getting useful insights from your Google Analytics data?

Are you frustrated by time wasted accessing and interpreting your data?

Understand how much more you could get from Google Analytics

Use an expert to efficiently optimise this specialist field, so your team can focus on what they do best

As an experienced daily user of Google Analytics and GA 360, across a range of brands, problems and opportunities, I add specialist expertise to each brand’s unique situation. This can be anything from advisory and strategy, to implementation, troubleshooting and training. As an independent operator, with no ties to Google, my input extends beyond a narrow view of Google Analytics and the Google Marketing Platform, to an holistic view of digital and marketing analytics.

Services include:

    • All aspects of advisory in relation to Google Analytics
    • Roadmapping your analytics journey, including consideration of value and return on investment
    • A neutral view in assessing standard Google Analytics versus GA360 (or other platforms such as Adobe Analytics)
    • Assistance with business cases
    • Defining measurement models and solution designs
    • GA360/GMP onboarding, integrations, configuration and use of advanced tools
    • Configuration of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
    • Data analysis and insights
    • Training and coaching your team from entry level to advanced users of GA and GA360
    • Independent auditing of your current data – if your media agency is ‘marking their own homework’, I can help you assess how confident you can be in this data
    • Auditing and interpreting media attribution reporting – explaining why the data is different in different platforms
    • Troubleshooting

All services can be supplied as advice, hands-on delivery or coaching your in-house team, whichever approach best suits you