Testing & Optimisation

What if?
We served unique landing pages to unique segments?
We changed our call to action?
We changed our page layout?
We tweaked our check out funnel?

A strategic and well managed A/B or multivariate testing and optimisation program enables real world testing and data-driven decision making. The tools can also be used to deliver segmented experiences and quick changes to your site. 

Services include:

    • Advisory on testing program principles and protocols
    • Strategy – based on existing data, where the best opportunities for improvement and ROI lie
    • Test decision making (selecting which tests to run)
    • Testing planning (how to run a test, control groups, statistical requirements, internal communication)
    • Reporting results and assessing success
    • Assisting business case development (modelling based on test results)

All services can be supplied as advice, hands-on delivery or coaching your in-house team, whichever approach best suits you